Think Better World Vision

We envision Think Better World to become an alliance uniting food stakeholders through Big Data analytics to drive transformational change in the food production system, towards sustainability.

Through our numerous years of working in the Food & Beverage sector, we have witnessed the many challenges faced by food production systems such as nutrition insecurity and unsustainable production practices, to its dual role as both contributor to and recipient of climate change impacts.

We also understand the complexity of food systems, with their interconnections with health & wellbeing, prosperity, politics and the natural world, not to mention their fuzzy, ill-defined boundaries and multiple stakeholders.


As a result, it is often difficult to get the whole picture, leading to ‘point solutions’ that offer incremental benefits but fail to drive the systemic transformation that is required. What happens if we get - if not the whole picture - but a bigger, better one?


Introducing Think Better World, which seeks to bring food system stakeholders together using Big Data Analytics on how people really think and behave towards complex food system topics such as nutrition, processing and waste. 


Our vision is to build an evolving, democratic and neutral dataset of societal attitudes to enable stakeholders to make intelligent, informed decisions


We hope that sharing the same data with those who typically do not have access to such knowledge will lead to collaboration in both the identification of challenges and problem solving, leading to sector-level transformation of the food system towards sustainability.


So we’re asking people from ‘farm to fork’ and beyond – such as producers, manufacturers, retailers, NGOs and policy makers – to come sit at the same table – and see what we can achieve together.


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